Detoxification means cleaning the body from harmful toxins.One way or the other we accumulate environmental toxins that dirties our bodies.It is necessary to use cleansing tools, and detoxing methods for a long and healty life.These toxins harming our bodies are the main enemy of our tissues ,organs,cells,and iner cell organelles.

In the case of our systems fall short,our toxin load increases,tiredness,weakness,exhaustion not feeling well,over sleeping or sleeplessness,tension in muscles and joints,pain and fatigue,nervousness,anxiety, and a like health problems arise.

Not only the toxic byproducts arises from our regular metabolic functions,but also harmful waste occurs from various mental and physical stres,combat activities against to infections are expelled from our bodies by cooperative work of multiple organs such as kidney,liver,lungs, and skin.

People are under the effects of chemical and physical toxins that come from the soil,water air and the foods that they consume.

Those toxins manifest themselves via various phenomena such as weakness in the immune system,hormonal imbalances,nervous system disorders,physiological imbalances and even irreversible illnesses such as a cancer.

Conditions such as cardiovascular problems,arthritis,obesity,diabetes etc. can be caused by the excessive consumption of animal-based proteins (which should only amount to 10 % of our daily food intake) caffeine,alcohol,fats,senselessly used medicine (especially antibiotics) and the excessive amount of unhealty products that the body takes in.

The main aim in the body’s detoxification is to attain cell health.Over the years the foods we consume accumulate in our intestines unable to function properly.

It should also be mentioned that toxic substances derive from the air,the foods/drinks we eat/drink,petrol-based fuel wastes,cleaning products used in our homes and dry cleaning materials.

As the world toxifies our bodies work as filters to filtrate toxic materials that disrupt our phsiological funtions.

A clear reality is that bio-accumulation of harmful substances seriously threaten our physiological well-being.

Based on years of research it has been proven that a properly functioning immune system and elimination system help physiological and psychological defend the body from toxins.

Therefore,for a healty and energetic life it is necessary to consciously aid the body from the outside empty the organism of toxins.